Posthuman Now Handling Own Distributor Sales

  • Posted on: 31 October 2016
  • By: AdamJury
Posthuman Studios (Eclipse Phase/Shinobi Clans) is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they are handling all distributor sales in-house. X-Risks -- the sourcebook of existential threats for Eclipse Phase -- is available now to distributors and retailers!

In addition to supporting the core Eclipse Phase game, Posthuman Studios has released two titles this year designed to appeal to other gamers and science fiction fans: Transhumanity's Fate, a slim conversion of the Eclipse Phase setting to Evil Hat's Fate Core rule system; and After the Fall, a science fiction anthology featuring rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine.

Distributors contact for all sales and marketing needs, and visit for sell sheets and more!

ABOUT POSTHUMAN STUDIOS Posthuman Studios (PS+) is the award-winning creator-owned design collective owned and operated by game industry veterans Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jack Graham and Adam Jury. Posthuman publishes the critically-acclaimed Eclipse Phase RPG and the card game Shinobi Clans. Posthuman Studios believes that the future of hobby gaming is the hybridization of analog and electronic play–whether that be at the augmented tabletop or online play; that gaming has been and always will be a culture of sharing, and that we must build the creative future we want to live in. You’re invited!


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